LadyNeck has been studying the art of form of the woman's neck since 2000. Mostly women of color from Europe, Africa, and America, LadyNeck puts forth art and appreciation. There is no fetish here, just art.

Our Models

LadyNeck models are all female. We have been asked if our models are male or trans gender. The answer is no. It is very narrow minded and frankly ignorant to think that a prominent larynx (Adam's Apple) is only in men. There are millions of females around the world that have a prominent larynx.


We are asked all the time. Isn't this a fetish? The answer is no, although some people do have a neck and throat fetish. We are sometimes told - This is strange. We ask you - Is liking a woman's neck any different than liking her behind or her buttocks where she passes stools?; or liking her chest where she produces milk? Which is more strange?


There are a few users out there that download or screen capture our videos and images and post them on sites like YouTube and their own web sites. Except for the 10 to 30 second previews with our LadyNeck banner and/or logos on them, this is strictly prohibited. You may only copy or use our 10 to 30 second preview videos, and you must not edit or alter the video in any way.

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